Human beings always have questions.

Many have a boundless capacity for questions. They have several things they would like to know from God. Why am I here?, What is my purpose?, What is my future?, and do You even exist? are all popular inquiries of the Lord. God certainly provides answers for these questions and more through His Word and the voice of the Holy Spirit. Perhaps the most asked question is “is there a heaven, and if so, how do I get there?”

The Answer!

The answer to the last compound question is readily available in the Bible, but many do not believe in its’ authenticity. Since they cannot accept the authority of God’s written Word, they fall upon religion to inform them on their queries about eternity. Reaching out to the Buddha, Confucius, Zoroaster, Mohammed, and Nostradamus, they search for the truth. Millions watch Oprah and her approved cohorts on TV trying to find the truth. Seeking for eternal truth, many spend years in pursuit, but never discover the answer.

As important as our questions might be, the most relevant question is one that God will ask every human that stands before him once they have departed this life. Having the correct answer to this question is the only thing that can insure eternity in a heaven that is very real. Each man and woman will answer this question, and their response will have unalterable, final consequences. We are asked this question by God in this life. There is comfort in knowing that we may have time to get it right, but how much time remains for each of us?

The God Question?

Perhaps by now you are wondering WHAT IS THE QUESTION GOD IS ASKING? What matters so much to Him that my eternity in heaven depends on it? It is this: What will you do about Jesus? Not about His place in history or religion, but what will you do about what Jesus said about Himself? His words in John 14:6 are “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.” Where all our questions are concerned, Jesus is the Answer. Where God’s question is concerned, Jesus is the only way into heaven and a relationship with Him.

Of all the ‘religious” figures in history, Jesus is unique. The Buddha, Mohammed, and Confucius never claimed to be the way to God. Jesus alone said “I AM THE WAY”. It is this statement that sets him apart from other teachers of religion. Understanding and accepting what Jesus said about Himself prepares us to correctly answer the question God poses to all of us “What will you do about Jesus?” What is the answer God is looking for? It is this; “I believe Jesus is the only way into a relationship with God , and the only way to spend eternity in heaven.”

Am I Willing to Gamble My Future?

For those who wish to argue, here is the choice: Jesus is either right or wrong in what He says about Himself. If He is right, and I believe what He says, then I gain a relationship with God and an eternal home in heaven. If He is right, and I choose not to believe Him, then I will lose everything. If he is wrong, I lose nothing. Now it’s time for me to ask myself a question: am I willing to gamble my eternal future on a 50/50 chance?

Are you ready to answer the question? God will continue to ask every human being “What will you do about Jesus?” Your answer will determine your future. Some food for thought!