There is very little in life that surprises me. That does not mean that I cannot be shocked. I have watched our culture change dramatically over the few short years of my life, and I do not find most of the changes to be an improvement. Many of our leaders in politics and education seem to believe that society must evolve, and become more enlightened. As I observe this evolution, it appears that in the pursuit of enlightenment and understanding, we have actually embraced darkness and confusion.

I was shocked, but not surprised, when several of our Senators declared that our Constitution is a “living” document. They explained that the “life” they attribute to our most important founding instrument enables it to change its’ meaning to accommodate the evolution of our culture. Their position indicates that they believe that the meaning of the words written by the founders is flexible, and that the meaning of the text is not tethered to the convictions of the individuals who wrote it. It is therefore not surprising, but it is shocking, to learn that some holding the highest positions in our government have abandoned the truths upon which our country was founded. Little wonder that there is so much confusion about the truth, when our elected and appointed leaders have themselves abandoned it.


The insistence of those with influence in politics and education upon a non-literal interpretation of the Constitution is only a symptom of a deeply rooted and destructive disease. This disease is rejection of authority, and humans first became infected with it in the Garden of Eden. The serpent (Satan) convinced Eve that she could choose to do whatever she wanted without consequence, regardless of the Words spoken by God. Rebellion against God and His Word spread throughout the human race, and we see the results of this hereditary disease in the lives of men everywhere today. Rejecting the authority of the words of the Constitution is disastrous for our nation: rebelling against the Word of God as recorded in the Bible is a danger to our very lives.

Those who desire to twist the Constitution in order to make it say what they want it to say are no different than those who wish to change the Bible in order to make it conform to their own thoughts and feelings. The ultimate goal of these individuals is to ignore both the Constitution and the Bible, and eliminate them completely from our national discourse. Both documents are an impediment to their secular socialist views.

Satan’s approach to Eve was to twist what God said. “You won’t die!” the serpent replied to the woman. “God knows that your eyes will be opened as soon as you eat it, and you will be like God, knowing both good and evil.” (Gen. 3:4-5) Paraphrased, the devil was saying “God doesn’t really mean what He said: He means that if you choose to eat, you will be like Him.” Accepting Satan’s interpretation of God’s Word, Eve and Adam made a choice that brought death and destruction to themselves and all their children. They were already like God, His offspring, made in His image. The allure of self importance clouded their judgment, and they exchanged a life system that was functioning perfectly for the “flexible” system of satan. Re-interpreting the words of the Constitution in order to submit it to the evolution of society will have the same result: the death and destruction of our nation.


Many of our leaders do not believe in absolutes. They do not believe in absolute truth, or absolute authority. There are some of our citizens who have the same convictions. They cannot accept the authority of the Constitution as written in the government of our country, and they will not accept the Absolute Authority of the Word of God in the lives of men. Our Constitution has made our country the finest on earth, and the authority of the Bible was recognized by those who wrote it. Those who reject the authority of the Bible as written tend to reject the authority of the Constitution as written. Proverbs 13:13 tells us “Whoever despises the word and counsel of God brings destruction upon himself, But he who reverently fears and respects the commandment of God will be rewarded.”

Embracing the authority of the Constitution as written will absolutely bless the politicians and judges who do so, and submitting to the Absolute Authority of God’s Word will bless us all – Absolutely! I find that neither surprising nor shocking, for the Word says “Blessed fortunate, prosperous, and favored by God is the nation whose God is the Lord..” (Psalm 33:12) 

Ramon Duvall

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