We once again arrive at the beginning of a new year. The old has passed, and the new is here. Time marches ever forward, and we must embrace the new and be willing to leave the past behind. 2021 is over: 2022 is upon us, and the future is full of promise. The storms of the past year are fading, and a new day of deliverance and victory is rising upon us. The darkness is destroyed, and the light is triumphant!

Revelation 21:5 says “And God-Enthroned spoke to me and said, “Consider this! I am making everything to be new and fresh.” God has a store house of fresh and new ideas that are available to us as we embrace the opportunities of the new year. The world system offers no hope for success. It is mired in predictions of economic upheaval and the next variant of the China virus. Today it is the Omicron variant. Who knows what they will call the next version of the virus. I can sum it up by saying there will always be the “on and on” variant. When the letters of the alphabet are exhausted they will start over again. God has a plan for us in the new year that does not include unending lockdowns, fear of sickness and disease, and fear of the economic disaster. He says that he is making everything new and fresh.


Among the new and fresh things I am expecting is a fresh anointing from the Holy Spirit for revival, the destruction of every demonic political device, and the restoration of the Church to its’ proper place in the plan of. God. Jesus said that the gates of hell could not prevail against the Church. The Church is made up of born-again believers in Jesus Christ who preach and teach the Anointed One and His Anointing, not occupants of meeting houses that practice a religion of disengagement from politics and culture. In 2022, the Church ust rise and take its’ proper place of leadership in our nation and around the world. The true Church of Jesus Christ does not hide, nor try to hunker down until challenging circumstances pass away.

I am not speaking of individual churches or denominations. Religion has no power to bring about fundamental change in culture or politics. Jesus had little patience for the religious and their slavery to their own ideas. He exposed the worthlessness of religion and the impotence of the religious leaders of his day. In fact, he called the Pharisees children of the devil! Jesus emphasized a life-changing relationship with His Father that motivates believers to be world-changers, not world enablers. “For this purpose the son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil“ (1 John 3:8)


2022 will see the arrival of fresh leadership in the body of Christ. Many who have held sway over the Church will see their influence fade, and new leaders will arise. They will stir the Church to action in our nation, taking back what the devil has stolen and facilitating a return to the Godly foundation of our country. Other steadfast legacy leaders will see their influence grow exponentially, and the Power of God will be manifest in their ministries in new and amazing ways. God is about to do SOMETHING NEW!

I’m expecting great things for you, your family, and your business this new year. Let’s all have this expectation: SOMETHING NEW IN 2022!

Ramon Duvall

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