Good News Report

Wow! I’ve had so many miracles happen since we started a BSF. I had several sinus surgeries in the past with the doctors always telling me that the polyps would return again after about 10 years. When I started having issues again I received prayer and noticed that the problem got better and better until today, I still have no issues. I am completely healed! I also had hurt my knee in a sporting accident when I was a young man, and had several mishaps since then. Consequently, my knee would periodically bother me, affecting my walking and sometimes preventing me from doing some of my work. I received healing!

Warren/Panama City

My great grand children were born prematurely and only weighed 2 pounds each. They survived and the Lord gave them a fighting spirit. They are now 4 years old and in the first year of Christian School. Even though diagnosed with multiple diseases, they have received many miracles of healing. Our Church and Pastors have been praying over these children since their birth, and now it appears they are outgrowing their disorders.

Jim/Panama City Beach

“The pain I was experiencing is quite diminished and my spine seems to indeed be realigned, as your prayer specified on Monday during healing service. Praise be to God! I believe in our Lord’s healing power and am very grateful for the healing and your service.”

Donna/ Williamson

I know God lead me to BSF. He has restored my relationship with my daughter, healed me from 2 heart attacks, and healed my shoulder and my back. God has been so faithful to me and my family.

Lonnie/Panama City Beach

I wanted to be debt free. Pastor said we should name our seed for debt freedom. We started naming our seed and sowing weekly. By the end of the year, God had paid off all our debt including our home.

Suzanne/Panama City

I planted a financial seed for a place to live. Shortly thereafter, I received an unexpected check from my employer in the amount of $5000.00. The very next day God gave me an apartment! Praise God!

Pat/Panama City Beach

My wife and I were at the Healing Meeting. We had not been to church in a long time. The preacher took my head with his hands and prayed for me, it felt good. I am a different man now. God is with me everywhere I go now. Praise God!

Dennis/Panama City Beach

I have been healed so many times, God’s Word works! I have been restored from 8 strokes, healed from 5 blood disorders with new DNA restored, I have been healed completely from blocked arteries, and received many, many more healings.

Nanci/Panama City Beach

“I had a very painful sore throat that felt like I had swallowed glass. I was to lead the worship at our healing meeting that night. I prayed and by faith started singing and praise God, all pain and discomfort left immediatly.”

KD/Panama City Beach

I had pain in my shoulder joints and could barely raise my arms. After a word of knowledge and prayer I no longer have any pain at all in my shoulders. Praise God!

Nina/Panama City Beach

Since I began operating in God’s financial plan I have received multiple miracles. I have received multiple blessings totally over $18,000 since January of this year.


I asked the Lord to heal my left shoulder. I have had pain for a long time. After the pastor prayed for healing, I could move my shoulder, with no pain. Praise God!

Helen/ Panama City Beach

“I really enjoyed the service last night.I had the best night sleep in a long time . I woke up in no pain. Thank you for your message!”

Patty/Lehigh Acres

Over the past year, God miraculously paid off my rental townhouse. He gave me a total of $130,000 in property and cash.

Diem/Panama City